Academic writing is fun!

I love to do research.  I love to write.

I also dread it.

I know many others will relate to this contradiction.  I get great personal satisfaction from working on a project and seeing it to completion.  Of course.  But it is also a pain in my side, an itch I can’t scratch, and a flat out compulsion.  Yikes.

When I found out about I was excited to begin posting my academic papers, none of which had been published before.  This morning, I went to that site for the first time in a while and noted that many people had downloaded my papers and not only that–many of them had left comments for me as to why they had found my papers useful.  It is not surprising that many of them are students, but I was pleased to see that many of them were from other countries.  That is just the coolest thing.  Here we are, thousands of miles apart, sharing information like we were in the same room, or at least on the same campus.  It is times like these that I love technology!

Here is the link to my page if you are so inclined.  I need to get back to work, or, is that FUN?

Last Day of July, 2016

For me, the last day of July marks the beginning of a new academic year.  I begin to think in earnest about the courses I will be teaching in the fall and throughout the year.  I’ve had about 6 weeks “off” (for teachers, there is no such thing as a “free” summer), so it’s time to start gearing up for the new year. It is a time of planning curriculum and of reflecting on what is to come.  It is a time for me to review learning goals for my courses and reconsider the kinds of activities that I will use to engage students in their own learning process.  During the next six weeks, my excitement will build, as it does every year, for that first day of class in a brand new year.  I dream of the possibilities that await myself and my students as we explore new territory together.  The leaves are still green  and hanging on the trees, and my mind is full of fall. Of course, there’s still lots of summer left–my husband and I will make a few more short journeys before the end of August–one to Astoria and one to Ashland for the Shakespeare festival. But it is hard for me to live in the moment completely–the academic calendar has been ingrained in me after teaching for over 30 years!  Its familiar rhythm pulls me in once more and with every day that passes, my anticipation grows.  Bring. It. On!