The art of pedagogy: sounds so boring, right?  Pedagogy sounds pedantic.

Teaching should be an adventure, because I think if you are doing it right, you are also learning along with your students.

I tell my students that I do not know everything.  Shocker, right?  They know things I don’t know.  Another shocker.  Together we create the learning and teaching environment.  I encourage them to bring their knowledge to bear on the subjects we discuss.

Lecturing is NOT my favorite mode of delivery, although i think sometimes it is necessary.  But only in small increments.

My philosophy of teaching is a lot like my philosophy of life:  I only have two eyes to view the world and two ears to hear it with.  I have one mouth that does me no good if it is always open.  I need other people to correct my nearsightedness.  I need other people to help me unclog my own ears.  I need to listen more than I speak because only then will I learn what is true, real, and good.

My goal is to live this philosophy every day.  I fall short.  Quite a bit.  But then, I suppose we all do.  We all need each other to become our best selves.

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